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Fat to Fit

July 8th, 2018BY Admin

Parafit is answer for all your worries related to your well being. A dream of person who needs to stay fit under one roof. Diet plans, training plans, at home workout plans, videos, recipes, interactive forum and much more are the services under Parafit. Wedding Mantra in conversation with Paraj Primlani to know more about his Journey-
The inception of ParaFit began from the days when I used to be obese and always craved for a fit lifestyle and a chiselled physique. I started to research day in and out on fitness and managed to transform myself dropping 30kgs in 8 months coming down to 8% body fat. Soon after that I started helping friends and family to achieve their fitness goals by guiding them. As time passed, I felt that I should create a public platform where I can help others too who struggle with their fitness goals. From there ParaFit came in the play. ParaFit was a dream. A dream to positively impact the lives of other people, helping them transform their body to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. I worked out on all viable ways in which I can reach out to an audience of millions and spread knowledge and results helping them transform their lives.After a lot of brainstorming I finally came up with the idea of launching a website and a personalised platform where a person would get everything that he needs to stay fit under one roof. Diet plans, training plans, at home workout plans, videos, recipes, interactive forum and much more.
Summers in North India are bad. With the sun sucking up your energy and making you sweat throughout the day, it becomes essential to fuel your body in the right manner. Take your body as a car, if you don’t fuel it properly, the engine (i.e. your organs) would malfunction and you won’t be able to run(literally) and achieve your fitness goals with no fuel to power your stride.
Few suggestions for summers:
Load up on water. This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind which also effects your weight loss goals. If you’re not drinking enough water, you won’t lose weight. Period! Aim for 2-3 litres(women) and 3-4 litres(men) daily and if you’re working out then 3-4 litres(women) and 4-5 litres(men) to keep yourself hydrated.
Kids and people who have a lot of leg work under the sun land up exhausting their glycogen stores till the evening which leaves them exhausted and tired. It becomes essential for them to refuel their glycogen stores for optimal performance with few simple carbohydrates like bananas, watermelon, orange juice etc. Keep in mind that simple carbs should be eaten in limits since extra glycogen gets stored as fat. The reason why it becomes important to follow a well-planned meal plan. Everything should be counted and monitored for optimal results.
Carry fruits with you. Since the sun makes you feel dehydrated, fruits become the best source of eatable water since most of the fruits are made up from water. With less calories, natural sugars(fructose), great taste and fibre; fruits help you to fill up your stomach and would provide you with the needed vitamins and minerals too.
In summers, you automatically feel less hungry so its best to add a source of protein in each meal. With the protein satiety effect, you will feel full for a long time and end up consuming less calories than you normally would.
Try soaking few Cumin(Jeera) and Cardamom(Elaichi) seeds in a glass of water over night in a refrigerator and have it the next morning. This detox water helps to take out the heat from the body and aids in weight loss too.
1. Start doing fasted cardio. As soon as you get up, go for a run or just do any cardiovascular exercise in your room for 10minutes straight empty stomach. It will help you burn fat 2x faster.
2. Stay hydrated. Make this a thumb rule. There is no fat loss without adequate water intake. Your body excretes fat in the form of sweat and urine, so there will literally be no fat loss until you’re drinking enough water.
3. Start eating 10 Almonds before bed. Try it for 10 days and you will see the difference. This prevents you body to go in a catabolic state and would fire up your metabolism even while you’re sleeping. 
4. Focus on whole nutrition and stay as close to nature as possible. Anything that is processed is bad for you. Say no to chips, soda’s, chocolates.
5. Try including a portion of protein in every meal. Structure your meal in a way such that it’s an adequate mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and fats.
Stay the course, believe in yourself, have patience and let’s get fit TOGETHER.