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July 8th, 2018BY Admin

In a candid interview with Claudia Ciesla, Wedding Mantra gets hold of her fitness secrets and her health mantra.. Being a nutritionist, actress, a model and author of the book “Keep eating Keep loosing”; Claudia shares her secrets and insights on her fitness and health and on the diet...


How would you define your fitness goals?
Being an actress, a model and a health enthusiast, taking care of myself and looking good all the time is a part of my job. Also I am a certified nutritionist and I have written a book called “Keep Eating Keep Losing”. My fitness goal is to have a healthy routine which I can follow throughout my life. Because fitness is all about changing your habits for better one. And the moment you start doing it, your body will push you further. So, when you start going to gym regularly, you will start thinking why not to eat a little bit more healthier food since I am already putting so much effort and sweat in the gym. So I always suggest people to create a new better habits as that’s what diet is all about.
What motivates you to achieve your fitness goals?
My health is my motivation. 70% of the most dangerous diseases worldwide are due to bad lifestyle be it heart problems, obesity, diabetes etc. All thiscould be avoided if we would change our lifestyle. One could live a peaceful, beautiful and healthy life by just by changing a diet and by being a bit more active.That’s my biggest motivation and of course you will look beautiful, slim and trim but that is like a cherry on the cake, because the benefits of healthy lifestyle are endless. 
What is your workout regime and why do you follow it in particular?
I go to gym 3 times in a week with my trainer and we do different variety of exercises and a bit of gymnastic too. I hardly pickup weights, Iprefer todoTRX exercises where I pickup my own body weight, its more fun that way. I also do yoga every alternate day, I really enjoy that. 
It comes to exercise firstly you have to choose something you love to do, that’s the most important thing as it will help you to stay motivated and secondly experimenting  by doing different kind of exercises is the key. Like for example once I came to India it practicemartial art, horse riding and dancing. Now I’m doing yoga and gym but I’m planning to learn aerial dance soon. So keep it fun. 
What role does a diet play in any fitness regime?
I always say that diet and exercise are equally important but many say its 60-40. There is a reason why people say that ‘six-pack absare made in the kitchen not in the gym’. So, if you want to achieve a perfect fitness you have to do a combination of diet and exercise together because if you will follow only a diet you will definitely lose some weight but you will also lose your muscle mass which is dangerous since your muscles have to be toned up and strong enough to support each and every part of your body. So, with ageing you will not have any back or joint pain. The moment you start exercising and having a healthy diet, not only you will shape up while losing body fat but also you will develop a lean muscle which is most important. So I always say that diet and exercise is equally important.
Do you have any specific diet plan for your fitness regime?
I eat regularly and I don’t skip meals. Of course I always try to choose the healthy option but again healthy doesn’t mean boring, healthy diet can be very yummy and tasty. So as I said I eat regularly,I have breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks in between but by snacking I don’t mean smosas or pakora but fruits, veggies or nuts. Few months back I also turned vegetarian, and I feel healthier, lighter and happier.
What is better yoga or exercise? Please specify why.
Every form of exercise is good, the key is to build lean muscles and moreover be active. Workout 45min 5-6 days is a week and you would enjoy all the benefits. 
What is your fitness mantra?
Do it for yourself, do it because you are worth it and do it because you deserve the best body in the world. 
What advice would you give to people who cannot find motivation to follow a fitness regime?
Start with small steps. Set up a goal for example how much weight do you wish to lose, and set up a time be it 3 or 6 months. Stick to it and moreover give yourself a fair chance, be mentally strong and don’t give up too early. You could also appoint a trainer and a nutritionist who will motivate you and help you out through the process.